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How to find your niche? How to talk about your value and value your service fairly? How to better anticipate and plan? ... you are committed to your independence and you have ambition, but the road is far from straight line. We will walk together, with confidence and courage.

coaching solopreneurs ambitieux
  YOU NEED TO...  
  • Create a success that you can live from, have a plan to move forward step by step

  • Silence doubts and dare to consider things big

  • Protect your personal-professional life balance

  • Be less alone, have an external, benevolent and challenging conversation and ideation partner (accountability).


We will work together to overcome doubt and accelerate your growth without neglecting other aspects fo your life. You'll quickly become be more serene and audacious, and you'll be proud of your small business.


After a career in agencies, in charge of large accounts, Marine Briand started her own marketing strategy consultant business in 2016 with CultureProjet, in Lyon, France; she also wanted to intensify her artistic practice as a ceramist. We worked together for 15 months..


Marine Briand  

"I wanted it all, but I needed to let go of fears and to structure my efforts. Today, even if I am in “slow up” mode because I like to work over time and take thoughtful steps forward, I overcame my fear of the human aspect of the company, I hired my first Project Manager during the first 2020 confinement, and I am looking for a designer to join the team. Agathe helped me identify the mechanics that sabotage trust and counterproductively absorb the precious energy needed to be an entrepreneur. She also taught me to set limits and priorities."

  HOW ?  
Bande arrondie10 blue-01-01.jpg
Imperfect action,
instead of perfect inaction :-)
Coach business developpement
Know and trust yourself better
Coaching  freelance et entrepreneurs - renouveler regard sur vous


Identify your natural talents (StrengthsFinder®) to become aware of their added value and shift your daily focus to their development and strategic use to advance towards your goals.

agathe prin coaching freelance et entrepreneurs cartographier votre inner game


Name and manage your fears and saboteurs, identify all the members of your team, the ones living inside your head and the real ones too!

agathe prin coaching freelance et entrepreneurs - capitaliser votre experience

Pick and chose your memories and skills useful to your current situation, change your narrative if needed: Auto 360, chosen professional history...


agathe prin coaching freelance et entrepreneurs cultiver les bons mindsets



Nurturing a vision for oneself, experimenting, taking a step back, multiplying perspectives and options, and more...

We work constantly on your concrete situations, daily choices and postures (soundboard).
I provide you with tools and references to help you, among other things:

agathe pin coaching outils pour penser et agir
Tools to think and act differently
  • Develop your vision and values, methodically move towards your goals while remaining agile

  • Create effective work habits and systems, know how to better manage time and stress

  • Identify your niche, create your message and choose your marketing channels, develop your offer, think of your pricing without self-sabotage etc ...

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