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Unlock your full potential

Work to become more confident and audacious, anchor your leadership posture, see things with perspective, and quickly achieve concrete results that meet your ambitions.
Dare and Accelerate!


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Agathe pin coach


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Your company is going through changes that are often positive but create uncertainty and new questions ...

agathe pin coach personnal business



You love your company and you want to contribute to its successful future ...

agathe pin coach personnal business



You have started your own business, and you already have some convincing results; you want more ...



We'll learn to acknowledge and dissolve doubts and pass by perfectionism, while developing your understanding and appreciation of yourself and others, to build a lasting success that fits you. 


The first pillar of this approach is an in-depth work on self-awareness and a good knowledge of your points of support, which will anchor more deeply your self-confidence and your capacity to experiment, to stay in action.


The second pillar consists of tools and working methods to help you think differently about your daily life and your decisions.

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Keep learning and stay in action
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Sit in the driver’s seat

In short, switch from the passenger seat to the driver's seat - which could be a nice definition of L e a d e r s h i p.


With the help of a whole body of structured and structuring tools for thought and action on the one hand, and of intuition and the co-construction of solutions on the other hand, we will create a relationship that will help you to move faster - which could be a nice definition of Coaching.


As a bonus, we don't have to be super serious all the time! One of the nicest compliments I've ever received: "It's a deep work, but you are funny!"



"As an entrepreneur and a CEO, I like to be accompanied anyway; in our relationship though, it is the human dimension of the business and the company that is at the heart of the discussions. This is an opportunity to discuss very diffuse, non-analytical and complex issues. You bring me a lot of optimism and patience in relation to human management and you help us as a team to accept that emotions have a place in the company. "

—  Sébastien Payen

Qui suis-je ?
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  About me  

Agathe PIN

I combine great intellectual curiosity and a fascination for the complexity of the human mind. I did study humanities at the french Ecole Normale Supérieure at the end of the 90's (oh my...) and never really stopped reading and learning since then. The American chapter of my life - I lived in California from 2009 to 2016 - changed me a lot and taught me pragmatism too. In the San Francisco Bay area, I became very interested in personal development, self-confidence and their intersection with professional growth and leadership; I quickly experienced the link between proper self-awareness and self-appreciation and  the ability to dare more, to be more of an entrepreneur of one's life. Many steps have marked my road to coaching, and the very first was meeting with the StrengthsFinder® assessment in 2011. For those who know this tool, or will soon know it, my top 5 natural talents are Empathy - Input - Intellection- Learner - Connectedness.

I have been a certified professional coach since 2015. Over 150 people have done me the great honor of working with me since this time. I am deeply grateful to them. 

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Agathe Pin coaching
My clients are my best
teachers !
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